What Is Junior League?


Junior League is an organized instructional play environment for Dungeons & Dragons. The purpose is to provide a fun, safe, and creative space for children to come learn how to play D&D from seasoned Dungeon Masters (DMs).

It was started by Harvey Moreno when his sons (9 & 11 at the time) found his D&D books and asked what they were. He agreed to teach them to play if they could get a friend to join. The group started with two additional friends and eventually grew to more than 60 kids and 7 DMs!

We encourage creative storytelling and critical thinking over axes and swords to overcome their problems. There are times, however, where a well-placed arrow is required to get through an encounter. We try to keep the children organized in groups according to their age and experience levels.


Where Can I Play?!

Looking for a game for your youngling? Bring them out to a game! We have a rotating schedule among four locations. Click the link to the right see the schedule of games!